About Us

We are Zahrat Al-Karaz Perfumes Trading Company, we have made ourselves a prominent place in the world of perfumes,
We took our headquarters from old Dubai Souq,
We continued to present the legacy of the family and ancestors, by presenting new and modern western and oriental perfumes, of high quality,
Customers are always satisfied and exceeded their expectations,
We at Zahrat Al-Karaz Perfumes Trading Company are always working to provide a high level of service and choice in providing everything that is new.

Who we are?

A professional team,

we work in the field of manufacturing perfumes, trading, incense and its accessories, in addition to a variety of distinguished handmade that suit all family requirements in the United Arab Emirates

Our Shop Located in old souq of Dubai, also we have online store that you can order from online, and our delivery will bring it to your location in any where in United Arab Emirates.