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It’s All About (The) Payday Loan Online No Credit Check Instant Approval

It’s All About (The) Payday Loan Online No Credit Check Instant Approval

Which credit card rewards can be used for Apple purchases? Advertiser disclosure You’re our first priority. Each time. We believe that every person should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. While our website doesn’t feature every company or financial product on the market however, we’re confident that the advice we provide as well as the advice we provide and the tools we develop are objective, independent, straightforward — and cost-free. How do we earn money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about (and the way they appear on our website), but it does not affect our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of study. Our partners cannot promise us favorable reviews of their products or services. . What Credit Card Rewards Can Be Used for Apple Purchases? A lot of issuers let you redeem points in exchange for Apple merchandise and gift cards. While it might not offer the greatest value, using points could aid in saving money. This article was written by Craig Joseph Lead Writer | Credit cards, Travel rewards Personal finances Craig Joseph is a NerdWallet leader writer and credit card expert. He has qualifications in geology at West Virginia University and oceanography from Oregon State University and has published in newspapers, journals and academic blogs. Craig is committed to personal finance and wants to increase his financial knowledge of all who he meets. Craig will probably try to convince you that rocks are cool. Dec 19 2022, 2022 Edited by Erin Hurd Assistant Assigning editor Credit cards, rewards, personal finance Erin is an expert in credit cards and travel reward expert with NerdWallet. The work she has done for NerdWallet was highlighted in Yahoo, Nasdaq, TheStreet, International Living, The Daily Reckoning, Personal Finance and FinanceBuzz. She’s passionate about harnessing the power of credit card and loyalty rewards to explore across the globe. When she’s not writing, she’s preparing the next trip for her family of four using miles and points. Email:

The majority or all of the products we feature are provided by our partners, who pay us. This affects the products we feature and where and how the product is featured on a page. But, it doesn’t affect our opinions. Our opinions are our own. Here’s a list of and . TABLE OF CONTENTS Show More If you’re in looking to purchase an Apple product and have a pile of points that are accumulating dust, using these points to the purchase might be a smart method to save some cash inside your pockets. However, be aware that those points may be worth more when used to travel. A list of rewards programs that allow redemption for Apple merchandise and gift cards is listed below. In the instances where you can redeem points for gift cards at the same time as for the cashback or statement credit it’s best to purchase the Apple product in full and then make use of the points to pay back. This way, you’ll earn points on your purchase, and may receive benefits that which you can’t pay with a gift card. >> MORE: Credit reward programs for cards Merchandise point value, in cents Gift card points, in cents Chase Ultimate Rewards(r) 1. 1. U.S. Bank(r) Reward 0.85. 1. Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) Rewards 0.6-0.8. 0.85. Barclays Rewards 0.3-0.5. 0.5. American Express Membership Rewards N/A. 0.85. Capital One Rewards N/A. 1. Citi ThankYou Points N/A. 1. Bank of America Rewards N/A. 1. A nerdy tip: The card earns Apple Cash that can be redeemed for purchases at any retailer, including Apple, or for a cash deposit to an account at your banks. It’s actually a cash-back credit card, and therefore isn’t listed in our list. >> MORE: 1. Chase Ultimate Rewards(r) The program offers the most value out of any rewards program for redemption towards Apple merchandise. Points are worth 1 cent for each item, which includes gift cards and merchandise. So 10,000 points is worth $100. However, frequent usage can raise the rate of redemption for merchandise by 10%, 25 percent, or even 50%, depending on which card you’re using. If you can put off your purchase for a while until one of these deals becomes available, you’ll get greater value from your points than you would for a statement credit card or an Apple gift card. If you don’t have enough points pay for a purchase through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards(r) portal, Chase will let you apply whatever points you have (as as long as they pay for the minimum amount of 20% of the total amount) and charge the remaining balance of your cash balance to your credit card. But, keep in mind that these options are lower than the NerdWallet uses for Chase Ultimate Rewards(r) when transferred to travel partners instead. >> MORE: 2. U.S. Bank rewards U.S. Bank rewards earned through the Altitude and FlexPerks range of cards are redeemable for Apple gift cards and merchandise. The redemption of merchandise is possible by visiting the Apple Rewards Store in the U.S. Bank Rewards Center, where points are worth approximately 0.85 cents each according to retail prices at the Apple store. That means 11,764 points are worth $100 when redeemed for items. However, when they are used to purchase gift cards, points are worth 1 cent each. Gift cards are available in denominations of $10, $25 or $50. $100. It means that 10,000 points will be worth $100 when they are exchanged for gift cards. Some limited-time offers may offer a better redemption rate than this. U.S. Bank rewards are worth 1 cent when they are redeemed for the purpose of a statement credit or a bank transfer. If there’s no promotional incentive to use points prior to the redemption, you’d be better off buying your Apple gadgets using your credit card, earning rewards for the purchase, and then making use of your points stash to offset the charge through credit to your account on a statement. Doing this gives you the added advantage of being able to shop at any retail store- not just directly through Apple. >> SEE: 3. Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) Rewards PenFed has two credit cards that earn points redeemable for Apple gifts and merchandise. In October 2022, merchandise redemptions can be made by navigating to the and selecting Apple Rewards. Apple Rewards banner. Based on the retail price of the Apple store, the redemptions for merchandise will result in a value of between 0.6 cent to 0.8 cent apiece. Points are worth 0.85 cent apiece when redeemed to purchase gift cards. Gift cards are available in denominations of $50, $25 100, $250 and $100. That means 11,764 points are worth $100 when you redeem them in gift card denominations. There is no direct way to convert the PenFed Rewards into cash, however they can be redeemed for expenses on travel at a cost of 1 cent each. If you’re hoping to spend your rewards on a new MacBook or some AirPods, you’ll receive the most value by using gift cards to redeem them, then using them for the purchase. >> MORE: 4. Barclays rewards Applications are currently unavailable for new cardholders looking to accrue Barclays rewards. But legacy cardholders of any of the Barclays Arrival cards and those who were moved into a new product, such as the Barclays View Mastercard are still eligible to earn and redeem rewards. If you’re a holder of either of them, you can earn rewards that can be exchanged for Apple gift cards at a redemption rate of 0.5 cents per cent. This means that 10,000 points are worth $50 when they are exchanged to purchase gift cards. Gift cards are available in denominations of $25 to $100, $50, $100 or $250. You can also redeem your rewards directly for Apple products, however the gift card is generally greater value. Based on the retail price direct from Apple the rate of redemption for goods will vary between 0.3 cents and 0.5 cents per point. These rates are well below the base value of 1 cent per point that cardholders earn when they use Barclays rewards for an account credit to use towards travel purchases. If you’re in need of cash, you’d be better off trying to pay for a flight or hotel room using rewards, or even buying Apple equipment outright. 5. American Express Membership Rewards American Express Membership Rewards can be used in the acquisition of Apple gift cards at an exchange rate of 0.85 cent apiece. Gift cards are available for purchase in the denominations $10 or $25, $50, $100 and $500. That means 11,764 points are worth $100 when redeeming to purchase gift cards. Similar to other issuers, AmEx also has limited-time offers that boost the value of points redemptions for gift cards. While this is more than the 0.6 cent per point that cardholders are able to receive when they redeem their Membership Rewards to get a statement credit but it’s still less than the standard value of one cent per point available for those who use points to purchase travel via AmEx’s travel portal. AmEx Travel portal. And if you’re an optimizer, both these rates are significantly lower than the NerdWallet puts on the Membership Rewards points you transfer on to partners for travel. >> LEARN: 6. Capital One Rewards Points earned from Capital One cards (called miles) can be used to buy Apple gift cards with an amount of 1 cent apiece. That means 10,000 miles equals $100 when used to purchase gift cards. Gift cards are offered for purchase in the denomination of $25, $50, $100 and $200. As with other issuers occasionally, limited-time promotions could offer an increased rate of redemption. However, Capital One miles can also be used to purchase money back, or even a statement credit with one cent each. If you’re looking to purchase Apple products, you’d likely be better off charging the purchase to your credit card and earning credit card rewards in exchange for covering the purchase cost using a statement credit or cash-back redemption. Additionally, this has the benefit of the ability buy from virtually any store and not only through Apple. >> MORE: 7. Citi ThankYou Points can be used to purchase Apple gift cards at one cent for each point. They are offered in denominations as high as $25, $50 , and $100. That means 10,000 points are worth $100 when they are exchanged for gift cards. This redemption value is equal in cashback to ThankYou points when they’re redeemed to a bank account or for an account credit on a statement. Instead of redeeming points for gift cards it is better to consider purchasing a Apple Mac Mini with your credit card and earn ThankYou points for your purchase, and then redeeming your ThankYou points for an account credit to offset the purchase. >> MORE: 8. Bank of America(r) rewards Points earned on the Bank of America(r) credit cards are redeemable for Apple gift cards with one cent for each point. This means that 10,000 points are worth $100 when redeemed for gift cards. They can be purchased in denominations of $25 50, $100, $150, $200, $250 and $500. Bank of America(r) points can also be used to purchase the purpose of a statement credit or a cash transfer to an account for deposit at a value of 1 cent apiece. So , if you’ve got an accumulation of Bank of America(r) rewards which you’d like to exchange to buy a new iPhone, you’d be better in making the purchase using your credit card with rewards earning and then offset the purchase using a statement credit. In this way, you can also shop around for the best deal and not be forced to purchase the item by contacting Apple. Click here to read more about Author: Craig Joseph is a NerdWallet expert for credit card purchases. His work has been highlighted in newspapers such as the Associated Press, Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. Methodology Valuations presented herein are calculated in cents for each points (cpp) using the dollar cost of the item by 100, then dividing the result by the number points required. The values given herein are based upon points redemption rates that are commonplace and do not include limited-time offers. All merchandise valuations are presented based on prices taken directly from the Apple Store. On a similar note… Find the right credit card for your needs. Whether you want to pay less interest or earn more reward points, the right card is out there. Answer a few simple inquiries and we’ll be able to narrow your selection for the right card for. 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