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What Are The 5 Primary Benefits Of Mucinex For Dogs

What Are The 5 Primary Benefits Of Mucinex For Dogs

The benefits of CBD on our four-legged friends are similar to that of their human counterparts. Benefits include calmness, pain relief, immune system support, overall sense of well-being. So it gives you some sense of how we try to manage through a challenging cough, cold, flu season. That amount of dollars that we had determined is somewhere around $25 million of sales that we would have realized, were it to be a normal cough, cold, flu season. OTC business was up 8%. If we had to ship that incremental $25 million of cough, cold, flu sales, the U.S. First of all, our confidence in the business from the Consumer Healthcare, I think, is driven by 2 factors, the first one being that if you — there was clearly a weak cough, cold, flu season. The dosage of Mucinex depends on a number of factors, including your dog rodenticide poisoning’s age, breed, and condition. Mucinex is available in many forms and formulations. If you’ve ever wondered whether Mucinex is safe for dogs, you’re not alone.

Your next question comes from the line of Greg Gilbert with Bank of America. Your next question comes from the line of Louise Chen with Auriga. So that process is reviewed in great detail by our team, by our auditors, of what is an appropriate tax reserve to put in place by jurisdiction and for specific line items? GAAP, to put together tax reserves in expectation of eventual tax audit resolution. Also, number two, I look at how much direct-to-consumer promotion they put behind the brand. But I look at the success they’ve had with the Prilosec product and look at that and suggest that, that gives them a great opportunity, for AstraZeneca to do something with the Nexium brand. But on balance, I think what we — we are, I think — I’m pleasantly surprised about is the success we’re having with these new products. But on balance, we’re still seeing very strong growth in our Rx segment. We looked at the growth rate, still very strong.

Obviously, the fexofenadine still is a new product launch for us, so that was in there as well, which was obviously a very strong product. Was there more to that than just Claritin and Rogaine? Okay. So first of all, Frank, the launches in the quarter were — yes, was more than Claritin, more than Rogaine Foam. Yes. I’ll start, Frank, and then Judy may want to add some follow-up. I maybe add just one other point, I mentioned the U.S. So core rate, 29% to 31%. And this year, we had the benefit of releasing those tax reserves in accordance with U.S. As I noted in my prepared remarks, if you take away that onetime adjustment or that tax benefit this quarter, you’re back to a core rate of approximately 29%. So to think about next fiscal year and maybe a little bit beyond that, if you assume that the business stays essentially as — mix stays essentially as it is today, you’re exactly back to where we were in our original, beginning-of-the-year, pretax audit tax rate guidance which, if you remember, was 29% to 31%. And that’s exactly where I would be modeling next year.

What about the benefit from everything else, from J&J not getting their act together and getting back on the market? Okay. First on Novartis, I mean, I think you’d have to go with the Novartis guidance they gave relative to when they will be back in the market. The market continues to realize the value of store brands, and our Rx business continues to outperform our expectations. On the other part of — probably best, Judy, talk more about the entire absorption of what we’re trying to accomplish with our business. It hasn’t been something that we had to fill an entire pipeline. That’s the primary difference from the previous situation where there are actually — one of the branded competitors had actual recalls in the marketplace, which means that there’s an empty shelf that you have to fill immediately. I know not all lines are converted 1:1, but was there an ability to maybe pre-manufacture for some of these opportunities in the future?


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